Pink Hibiscus Flameless Soy Candle

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Pink Hibiscus

This delightfully citrus floral starts with notes of oranges and pears followed by a riotous bouquet of lily, jasmine, and pink hibiscus and finishing with hint of star anise spice dancing around a base of musky sandalwood and rich vanilla. Alluring and seductive - delicately feminine.

Our candles act as a "Room Freshener" and fills your home with our wonderful fragrances, No Wick, No Flame & No Fuss! Our candles are all hand poured in an 8 oz tin container and perfectly fits our candle warmers.  Each candle contains 5.25 oz of soy wax combined with richly scented fragrance oils. They make great house warming, birthday, Christmas or teacher gifts. They are great for any place that a burning flame is not allowed or not preferred. 

 To use our Flameless Soy Candles, you simply place the tin on the candle warmer and allow the wax to melt and release a wonderful aroma in the room. We recommend only leaving the candle on the burner for 3 or 4 hours per burn time. Leaving the candle warmer on and letting the candle melt after that time will only burn the scent off quicker. 
The scent will begin to fade over time, but the wax will not disappear. Typically, the candle will last for 60-80 hours, depending on the length of time that you burn the candle daily. Soy candles need to be stored in a cool dry place with the lids on. Soy wax should NEVER be placed in direct sunlight. This wax will melt quicker than other waxes if exposed to the direct sunlight.