Pink Bubbly Moscato Clamshell Melts

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Pink Bubbly Moscato 

You will whine no more after burning this candle!
A fruity and delicious blend of red grapefruit, pomegranate, green apple and fruit blossoms.  There is a combination of smoky musk and hints of rose and geranium.  It's sweet without being overly so.  It's a mix of fresh fruity and earthy blends.

Our melts are packaged in an easy to use plastic clamshell.  Simply break off 1 or 2 melts and place them in your tart warmer.  Keep the lid closed and store the remaining melts in the clamshell for later use.  Make sure to keep them away from the direct sunlight.  Each clamshell holds 6 melts that are each 1" square. Total weight of melts is approximately 3.5 oz.