About Us

The Candle Caterer is proud to offer a wonderful selection of handmade products that will delight your senses.  We have created a very unique line of handmade products using soy ingredients and richly scented quality fragrance oils.  We specialize in Flameless Soy Candles, Soy Melts (Tarts) and Bakery/Dessert Style Soy Melts. 

My main goal is to reach an audience that loves to indulge themselves in the freedom of fragrances for their mind, body and soul! I want to reach out to individuals that love to walk into a room filled with that "special aroma" from a candle.  . 

The Candle Caterer is a true labor of love.  Who knew that a floral crafter and decorator would be swept away by the extraordinary fragrances that she was exposed to.  I literally stumbled upon this addiction....thanks for a layoff, the internet and the the great divine direction of GOD.  I started out with making gel candles and just wasn't moved.  I started surfing the internet and stumbled across this wonderful informative website that exposed me to the wonderful world of soy and I haven't looked back since.  Fragrances, soy wax and molds make my day!  Our products put a smile on my face.  Next, was the most natural transition and that was to start incorporating fragrances into a special blend of soy based bath and body products.

Our Flameless Soy Candles or "Room Fresheners" are available in 8 oz tins and are a unique alternative to burning a candle.  They are used with a standard candle warmer.  As the wax melts it releases a wonderful aroma in any room.  They are great to freshen the bathrooms, kicthen or bedrooms.  If you are not sure which candle scent you like, a great way to sample our scents is to purchase our soy wax melts, that burn on a tart warmer.  If you are in the mood for sweet treats, we have a wonderful line of NON-EDIBLE Gourmet Soy Melts that look good enough to take just one bite.  They smell heavenly as you burn them from the tart warmer.  All of our candles and melts are HAND POURED

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Thanks for stopping by ~ Ciscely Butler, Owner & Candle Caterer